Commercial Mediation

What is Commercial Mediation?

Disputes between businesses or business partners, with suppliers, clients or contractors can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if litigation and court fees are involved. Similarly, disputes between landlords and tenants can lead to long-lasting problems, financial loss and bad landlord/tenant letting references.

Mediation can enable both parties to outline their issues in confidence with one of our professional, impartial and independent mediators and seek a mutually agreeable solution. Agreements are often reached far more quickly and at less cost than going to court.

Mediation for Business

Whether in large, medium-sized or small businesses, conflicts can be costly, time-consuming and commercially damaging.? Small businesses in particular can struggle when things go wrong with clients, suppliers or employees. Even where the may be a contract or terms and conditions in place, misunderstandings can arise which can result in a major dispute if not tackled quickly. Mediation can offer a fast and effective solution to help restore communication and improve business relationships.

Commercial Partnerships

Many businesses work in partnership to gain large-scale contracts or tenders that they would not be able to win on their own. This can sometimes lead to tension, power and control issues and misunderstandings between partners, either individually or at a wider organisational level.? Mediation provides a means by which these issues can be understood and addressed, allowing both sides to work together more productively and to achieve successful outcomes.

Landlord and Tenant Mediation

Issues between landlords and tenants can arise for a number of reasons, even when there is a tenancy agreement in place. Disputes can escalate quickly and result in loss of rent or deposit, damage to property or disrepair. Mediation can diffuse the situation and open up effective communication between landlord and tenant. It can help clarify the rights and responsibilities of both parties and avoid the need for costly legal action or eviction proceedings.

How much does it cost?

Costs will vary on a case by case basis. For more information and a confidential discussion about your individual circumstances and needs, please contact us on 01323 442781.