Conflict Coaching

What is conflict coaching?

Understanding why conflict happens can encourage people to look at issues differently and may help to resolve disputes. During worrying and stressful times, people respond in many ways and some can develop challenging behaviours which create conflict.

Our mediators are trained in Solution Focused Therapy. They can help people explore the subject of conflict, understand different communication styles and manage behaviours in a way that can help address conflict. Our mediators can help individuals to work towards a more positive outcome or to help repair damaged relationships.

How can it help?

Conflict Coaching can support individuals to better understand conflict, their own response to conflict and managing conflict within others. It can help individuals to explore their own concerns, hopes and fears and build skills and confidence to be better able to deal with conflict at home, at work or in their local community.

Mediators will spend time listening, discussing the conflict issues and helping individuals to work towards positive changes or specific outcomes.

Conflict Resolution Training

Our conflict resolution training offers an opportunity to explore the concept of conflict and understand how it affects people, especially in times of stress and worry, causing them to behave in a 'difficult' way. Participants will be encouraged to explore their own reactions to conflict, look at different communication styles that will enable them to manage conflict in a more positive way and develop skills to support others in times of conflict.

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