Mediation and Conflict Resolution for Neighbour Disputes

What is Neighbourhood Mediation?

Living in communities with all the stresses associated with modern living can produce conflicts between neighbours. Disputes over noise, parking, boundaries, hedges, children’s behaviour, pets and other anti-social behaviour issues can develop into serious conflict if left unresolved.

Mediation can provide a fast and effective way of resolving conflicts – especially if it is used early, before problems escalate. Our mediation service is confidential, impartial and non-judgmental; we do not take sides.

We can receive referrals to our service directly from individuals. We can also receive referrals from agencies such as Social Landlords, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Sussex Police or other organisations. We have Service Level Agreements with some of these organisations.

The Mediation Process

  • One of our office team will have an initial telephone discussion with all those involved to see what has been happening and decide if mediation could be helpful.
  • If all parties agree to take part, our mediators arrange individual calls so each party can have a confidential discussion about the issues.
  • If neighbours feel unable to take part in a joint meeting, our mediators will listen to each party separately and convey the agreed information and proposals towards a solution between them.
  • Parties stay in control of the process at all times.
  • Our mediators can then help the parties draw up an agreement which everyone voluntarily signs up to.

Fees and Charges

There is no cost to parties if referrals come through agencies who have service level agreements with us but, like all small independent charities, we have to cover our costs for non-funded cases through contributions from the parties involved.