Workplace Mediation


Workplace mediation offers important benefits to both employers and employees. It can provide quicker, more creative and mutually satisfactory outcomes which are often more effective than more formal and imposed resolutions.

The primary goal of workplace mediation is to enable the parties to work together more effectively – both parties have a stake in finding a sustainable solution. It is a confidential, informal and voluntary process where our impartial, professional mediators will facilitate communication between the individuals. Our professionally trained mediators will meet with the parties both individually and jointly to discuss their issues, develop understanding and help them find ways to work together more effectively in the future.

  • Workplace mediation fosters mutual respect, improved communication and can help to mend relationships, even when the parties are extremely hurt and angry.
  • It can work in any size of organisation or business, from small, independent businesses, to large companies, public authorities or voluntary sector organisations.
  • It can work in both union and non-union workplaces.
  • It can save time, cost and huge amounts of paperwork.
  • 90% of workplace mediation cases take no more than 1 day.

When can workplace mediation help?

Almost any issues or conflicts in the workplace can benefit from mediation. Both parties must be willing to deal directly with each other and the employer or referring organisation must be willing to provide the time and space for the mediation to take place. Mediation can help in dealing with:

  • Bullying and harassment cases
  • Employee disputes
  • Poor performance
  • Termination of Employment and TUPE situations
  • Poor relations between teams, individuals and management

Mediation is recognised by HR professionals as an important tool to help

  • Retain valuable employees
  • Reduce formal grievances
  • Develop a positive organisational culture
  • Reduce work-related stress and sickness
  • Improve employee performance
  • Encourage motivation and wellbeing


Costs will vary on a case by case basis. For more information and a confidential discussion about your individual circumstances and needs, please contact us on 01323 442781.