About us

Mediation Plus is an independent and impartial conflict resolution service.

Based in East Sussex, we can provide face-to-face and remote support. 

Mediation Plus is a small charity that provides mediation and one-to-one support to people living and working in East Sussex and the surrounding areas, as well as providing accredited mediation training.

Mediation Plus offers confidential, impartial, independent, and voluntary mediation and conflict resolution services.

We are the recognised independent mediation service in our area, having helped hundreds of people resolve different kinds of disputes, and to improve communication and relationships.

Our services include:

Mediation between adults going through separation or divorce to resolve disputes and support joint decision-making.

Supporting young people under the age 8 – 18 years and their parents or carers to help repair relationships or to resolve a specific issue affecting the family.

Helping neighbours and communities to resolve issues and restore lines of communication where there is conflict.

Listening support, also known as ‘Conflict Coaching’, aimed at helping people to manage difficult situations and to find a way of reducing the impact conflict has on their lives.

A low-cost, effective solution to resolving disputes between managers and staff, or colleagues, to improve team relationships, and performance, and to retain good staff.

Mediation tailored to your individual needs. This could include mediation between adult relatives, young peers, elders or between a local business and customer.

Our team

Mediation Plus is run by a team of staff who are committed to the aims of our charity.

Alice Matthews

Chief Executive

Alison Cooper

Neighbourhood Mediation Co-ordinator

Becky Sperring

Manager; Volunteer and Projects

Emma Bell

Time2Talk Co-ordinator

Khadija Khan


Lesley Adams

Neighbourhood Mediation Co-ordinator

Maxine Assanah-Stewart

Family Mediation Co-ordinator

Suzanne Barwell

Time2Talk Co-ordinator

Tina Skilton

Neighbourhood Mediation Co-ordinator (West)

Diane Whelan

Neighbourhood Mediation Co-ordinator (West)

Nicola Hodson

Training & Bespoke Mediation Co-ordinator

Zofia Olszewska

Service Administrator

Our mediators

We have a team of experienced and accredited volunteer mediators based across our community who are vital to the success of our service. They are trained to help people work through communication challenges and disputes to find ways to move forward.

Our mediators come from all walks of life and backgrounds and have completed mediation skills training. You can find out more about what they do and how you could join them in our ‘Join Us’ section.

Sussex Mediation Alliance – The Voice of Community Mediation in East and West Sussex

Mediation Plus is part of the Sussex Mediation Alliance – the joint voice for community mediation across Sussex. There are three independent charitable community mediation services, that form the alliance. Along with ourselves, these are:

Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service


West Sussex Mediation Service

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