One-to-one support

What is one-to-one mediation?

One-to-one support, also known as Conflict Coaching, is a structured and collaborative process where a trained conflict coach supports individuals in managing and navigating conflicts more effectively. Unlike mediation, where a neutral party facilitates discussions between conflicting parties, conflict coaching focuses on providing support, and skill-building to one individual involved in the conflict.

This kind of support can be offered where mediation is not appropriate or possible.

The purpose of one-to-one support is to:

  • Listen and offer support.
  • To help people think through what has been happening.
  • To work with the party to consider ways of reducing the impact conflict is having on them.

The support process

If you are offered one-to-one support, our case co-ordinator will contact you to confirm that you would like to take part, to answer any questions you have and to find out if you would like support face to face, or online.

Conflict Coaches will then be allocated to your case and will contact you to arrange your meetings.

We will offer up to three one-to-one sessions, depending on your needs, each lasting approximately 1 hour.

During the sessions you will be supported to talk about what is happening, to share how the conflict is impacting you, to explore the situation, consider realistic desired outcomes and to set goals.

Frequently asked questions

Where will my meetings take place?

We have offices in St Leonards-on-Sea and Hailsham where meetings take place. We can also meet people online, in community venues or at home if you would prefer. Occasionally we can also provide one-to-one support over the telephone.

Will anyone find out what I have said?

We will not share anything you tell us without your permission. Our mediators might take notes for their own use and may send you some action points, or a summary of the discussion if they feel this would be helpful for you, but everything you share will remain confidential.
The only time we would breach confidentiality is if we had a concern about your safety or the safety of someone else, under our safeguarding policy.

Can I bring someone to the meetings?

You can bring someone to support you in meetings if you need to. If you feel this is something you need, please let the conflict coach know in advance.

I have been referred for one-to-one support. Do I have to take part?

Just like mediation, one-to-one support is voluntary, and you cannot be forced to take part.
If you are unsure whether one-to-one support is for you, we would encourage you to speak to a team member who can explain the process and benefits in more detail.

How much will it cost?

We can provide some one-to-one support for free. Our Neighbourhood Coordinators can talk to you about your situation and whether this is covered by the funding we receive. They will also let you know what the fees are for self-funded support.

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