Workplace mediation

What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a process in which a neutral and trained mediator assists employees or teams in resolving disputes, or issues that arise in the workplace. The goal is to improve communication, rebuild relationships, and find mutually agreeable solutions to the problems that may be affecting people at work.

Workplace mediation is a valuable tool for addressing and preventing conflicts, ultimately leading to a more positive work environment, increased job satisfaction, and improved productivity. It can be an effective alternative to formal grievance procedures or legal action, helping to foster a culture of open communication and cooperation within the organisation.

The mediation process

Following a referral, one of the co-ordinators will have an initial discussion with all those involved to see what has been happening and decide if mediation could be helpful.

If all parties agree to take part, our mediators arrange individual meetings so each party can have a confidential discussion about what has been happening.

Mediators then organise a meeting between everyone involved to help parties communicate and agree on the best way forward.

If the parties feel unable to take part in a joint meeting, our mediators will listen to each party separately and pass agreed messages and suggested proposals between the parties, working towards a solution.

In some cases, mediators will support the parties to identify key agreements, which will be drawn up in infor a non-legally binding agreement which everyone voluntarily signs up to.

Frequently asked questions

When can you use Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation can address a wide range of workplace-related issues, including interpersonal conflicts, team disputes, and communication breakdowns. It can be used between colleagues or staff and managers, providing everyone is happy to take part.

Where will mediation take place?

We can provide mediation in your workplace if there is a confidential, neutral space available where everyone feels comfortable. We can also host workplace mediation in our offices, or online and we will discuss this with the referrer and individuals involved in each case.  

Can someone be forced to do workplace mediation?

No. It is important that participation is voluntary. If you are unsure if you would like to take part, or how to talk to a team member about providing mediation, you are welcome to phone us for an informal chat.

Is it confidential?

Yes! Everything anyone shares in mediation is confidential (unless we have a safeguarding concern). This means we will not inform your manager or anyone else in your organisation.

Will the mediators tell us what to do?

Mediators are neutral and impartial, they do not take sides or make judgments. Their role is to facilitate the conversation and help the parties reach their own solutions.
The focus of workplace mediation is on finding practical and mutually acceptable solutions to the issues at hand.
Mediators don’t give advice. Instead, the process empowers the parties involved to take an active role in resolving difficulties, rather than relying on management or HR to impose solutions.

What is the difference between independent workplace mediation and internal HR support?

Many organisations employ staff who are trained in mediation, which is great. However, people often feel more comfortable speaking to someone outside of their workplace. Our mediators are fully trained, and offered case supervision to ensure their mediation practice is of the highest standard.  

What will workplace mediation cost?

There is a fee for workplace mediation. This will depend on the number of people involved, nature of the dispute and the type of organisation you are from. Please fill out a contact form and we will be in touch to discuss this with you.

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