Social Care Mediation

What is Social Care Mediation?

Many people are living in full or part-time warden assisted housing or care homes, often with complex and changing needs and sometimes without the support of a nearby family member or friend. Communication issues, misunderstandings, multi-agency involvement and age-related ill-health and well-being concerns can lead to confusion and upset between individuals, carers, residents and family members.

How can mediation help?

Whether you are a care home provider, health professional, resident or family member you will be acutely aware of the personal, financial and reputational implications associated with any kind of dispute or complaint about social care services. Complaints and disputes can become complex and bureaucratic, often involving all parties in lengthy and stressful proceedings. Meetings can be held individually and jointly between all those involved. Our trained mediators will attend, listen to all sides and encourage all parties to engage in finding a suitable solution. If started early enough, mediation can prevent minor misunderstandings from escalating into major conflicts by

  • providing a fast and effective alternative to a formal complaints process
  • helping parties to reach agreement which takes account of the needs, concerns and interests of all
  • helping rebuild trust between residents, their families, carers and professionals
  • avoiding staffing issues arising from suspensions, performance issues, stress and health-related absences


How much does it cost?

Costs will vary on a case by case basis. For more information and a confidential discussion about your individual circumstances, please contact us on 01323 442781.